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Our company services compactors for your business needs.

Commercial Trash Compactor

Commercial Trash Compactor Solutions

Our company provides compactor service in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Algodones areas. Commercial compactors are designed to reduce the need for frequent trips to the dump and save your business time and money. They are essential for any business that generates a significant amount of waste on a daily basis. With our reliable and professional team of experts, you can trust that your waste management needs are taken care of.

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Compactor Uses

Compactors Are Ideal For:

  • Wet refuse

    Food waste, plant waste, residential waste, organic waste and other damp or moist types of waste
  • Dry refuse

    Paper goods, cardboard boxes, wood and glass
  • Bulky refuse

    Pallets, crates, appliances, furniture and other large or unwieldy items
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Road Runner Waste Service commercial waste collection provides your business with a range of dumpsters and service schedules for your garbage pickup needs.