Residential Recycling Services

At Road Runner Waste Service, we're committed to providing residential recycling services that help promote sustainability and environmental responsibility in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your household recyclables are collected efficiently, without any hassle or disruption to your daily routine.

Residential Recycling

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Contact our office to start residential recycling services in your local municipality or neighborhood

Collect your recyclables

Ensure that your recyclables are properly prepared and ready for collection

Leave your bin by the curb

Place your bin at the curb in advance of your service day, and our team will collect your recyclables

Our Disposal Guide

What Goes in the Recycling Bin?

Please review our list of accepted and non-acceptable items for recycling.

Acceptable Items

Unacceptable Items

Battery Disposal

Incorrect Battery Disposal Can Cause Fires

Common household items seem harmless, however, the batteries in them pose risks when disposed into regular garbage or recycling containers because of their highly flammable nature.

  • Remove the batteries

    Check the electronic devices you need to dispose of. If possible, remove the batteries. If not, bring the whole device to the drop off location.
  • Store batteries in a safe place

    Store batteries in non-metallic containers (plastic, cardboard, or glass) that do not conduct electricity if there is a spark.
  • Find your local drop off

    Find a local electronic disposal store, or find a drop off location near you.
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Residential Services

Road Runner Waste Service offers reliable residential trash pickup, recycling and dumpster rental services in Placitas, the Village of Corrales, and the Town of Bernalillo.